Kent movie theater now accepts credit cards

Kristina Deckert

The University Plaza movie theater off Route 43 is now taking credit and debit cards.

The theater began taking cards a couple weeks ago because the owners decided to switch to a new computer system.

“We hope it’ll help business,” said Brad Spaiger, manager of University Plaza Theater. “We hope that everybody finds it more convenient.”

The only card the theater doesn’t accept is American Express.

He said the owners have been trying to install a new computer system for a long time and just recently were able to afford it.

“Right now, the employees are having some problems learning the new system,” Spaiger said.

Raquel Moore, a student at Theodore Roosevelt High School, has been working at the theater for a year-and-a-half.

“Some (of the employees) seem to feel frustrated, like they’re not into change,” she said. “They don’t like it very much.”

Moore said she likes the new computer system because there’s “less of a chance to screw things up” with it. She also said she liked the system’s new touch screen feature.

“Customers seem to like it,” Moore said. “They don’t have to go out of the way to the bank before they come to the theater.” She also said some customers are surprised that the theater takes cards now.

Lauren Genet, sophomore education major, went to University Plaza to see “Twilight” the night it was released. She used her debit card to pay for her ticket.

“I mean, I never have any cash on me, so it makes it a lot easier,” she said. “I used to get annoyed when I had to go to the ATM and get cash out to pay for my ticket.”

Spaiger said that he’s heard “nothing but positive things (from customers),” which he called great.

Spaiger said even though the theater now accepts credit and debit cards, the ATM will stay in the theater.

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