USG meeting time to change next semester

Nicole Stempak

Senator applauds student feedback, wants to see more

In Executive Director Jonathan Bey’s weekly report, he told fellow members of Undergraduate Student Government the meeting time will change next semester.

Bey said he has to take a course next semester to graduate in the spring, but the time conflicts with the regularly scheduled 4 p.m. Wednesday meetings.

Although he likes Kent State, Bey jokingly said he didn’t want to come back in the fall for the one class.

Bey said the meeting time will either be sometime Tuesday or earlier in the day Wednesday. He explained the meeting time is set based on members’ availability but has been the same time since he became a member last year.

“Whatever’s convenient for everyone,” he said. “Really, anything’s up at this point.”

Joe Derkin, senator for the residence halls, said he has mixed feelings about it.

“Everybody already scheduled their classes around this block of time,” he said. “But if the meeting time is changed, then more people could attend.”

USG also heard a public request for support in speaking with Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority. The student wants the bus service to be expanded and extended for both city and campus routes.

The student said she and a friend went to the Lupe Fiasco concert a couple of weeks ago but left after one song because they had to catch the bus.

Andrew Fontanarosa, senator for off-campus and commuter students, said he likes to hear student feedback.

“It’s that type of feedback that USG would love to hear,” he said.

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