Former high school teacher wins college teaching award

Samantha Tosado

Physics professor ‘flattered’ to win


Credit: DKS Editors

Assistant physics professor Jonathan Secaur has been teaching for 37 years and never thought this day would come. Secaur won a 2008 Outstanding Teaching Award Friday.

“Teaching is one of those careers where it makes you feel like you’re doing something worthwhile,” he said. “I had grown up seeing excellent teachers, and I thought, ‘maybe I could do that.'”

Secaur said he feels honored to be a part of such a wonderful experience.

“I’m flattered that I received this award,” Secaur said. “Although, I’ll be happy to let someone else get credit in the future.”

He taught at Roosevelt High School for 29 years and likes high school and college teaching very much. But as a full-time college professor, he misses the ongoing relationships with students that college settings do not offer.

“It’s harder to have that connection when teaching college, but I try,” he said. “Although, I like how the schedule is more flexible in college.”

Secaur taught physics and chemistry at Roosevelt and now teaches physics at Kent State. He said he loves the subject.

“Teaching it is very easy,” he said. “We live to find meaning, and I like teaching that built-in ability that all people have to find meaning in the experience.”

His favorite part of teaching is when he “sees someone’s face light up, meaning that they get it.”

He said he hopes future teachers find their own voice and way of teaching to succeed.

“Have fun with it,” Secaur said. “Because if you can’t enjoy your way of teaching, no one else can later.”

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