‘Twilight’ doesn’t disappoint

Nicole Aikens

The “Twilight” saga has been “dazzling” (as Edward, the male lead played by Robert Pattinson, would say) readers for some time now. With four popular books, it is only appropriate that the movie be held at a high standard. For the diehard “Twilight” fan, the film will not disappoint.

For those who don’t know the story, it’s a classic love story with one crazy twist-the couple can’t be together because Edward is a vampire. As much as he loves Bella, the female lead, he has to use all his strength not to kill her.

The movie stays true to the book and uses creative liberty sparingly. There are only two big differences, but they lend to the movie rather than take from it. The first change is a made-up character used to introduce the villains. The second is a cliffhanger ending added, in my opinion, to set up for a sequel. After seeing “Twilight,” it looks like we could see an adaptation of “New Moon,” the second book in the series, in the future.

The movie felt very off at first, and it seemed like things just weren’t clicking. Then, all of a sudden, it turned around. I realized it was supposed to be wrong. It was supposed to feel awkward. That’s how the novel started; why wouldn’t the movie have the same feel?

While the movie held up to the standards set, I have one main complaint – it felt rushed. The book gives the plot a lot of time to develop, while the movie has only two hours to pack in all of that detail.

Ultimately, the movie lacked two things: More of Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) thoughts and the romance between Edward and Bella. While both the book and the movie are told from Bella’s perspective, the movie is missing many of her internal thoughts. Plus, in order to get to Edward to save Bella faster, a lot of the sweet, romantic scenes that made people fall in love with Edward had to be cut.

For fans of the “Twilight” books, the movie is very good. While I think fans will leave the theater feeling like there needed to be more, I still think they will be impressed.

For the ordinary person, the movie may not be as well received. There is only one short action scene. If you haven’t read “Twilight,” it might be difficult to fill in the blanks where things were left out or to know the importance of some of the events. If someone is planning to see the movie, I strongly encourage that person to read the book, or go to the movie with someone who has.

While “Twilight” isn’t a perfect adaptation of the book, it comes pretty close. Director Catherine Hardwicke did an excellent job of bringing the novel to life, so if you’re already a “Twilight” fan, this movie will not let you down.

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