What to bring and not to bring to the polls

DKS Editors

Bring the following to the polls

• A current and valid photo identification that shows name and address, such as a driver’s license, state identification card or military identification.

• No passports will be accepted.

• Proof of local address, such as a utility bill, cell phone bill, bank statement or FlashLine “address” sheet with your Kent address printed at the top next to Kent State University. If you are voting in Kent, this means it must be something that contains your Kent address.

Do not bring or wear to the polls

Items promoting candidates or issues are not allowed within 100 feet of polling sites. People adorned with partisan items, such as T-shirts, buttons, hats and stickers will not be allowed in to vote. Leave this stuff at home.

Before going to vote

Check your polling location online at


If you encounter problems voting

• Call the Portage County Board of Elections at 330-297-3511. Lines may be busy, so continue calling until someone answers.ÿ

• Or call one of the national hotlines devoted to helping solve Election Day problems: 866-MYVOTE1 or 866-OUR-VOTE.

• Lawyers for both the Democrat and Republican parties will also be present at polling sites Election Day if voter problems arise.