Fall job fair gives help to students

Bo Gemmell

Employement opportunity still there despite economy

Recent Wall Street woes may scare soon-to-be graduates, but a new job outlook report indicates that not all industries are experiencing hiring freezes.

According to the Job Outlook 2009 Special Report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, industries that report the highest decrease in hiring expectations include construction, agriculture and distribution. Manufacturing and professional services report increases of less than 2 percent, while government positions listed a 19.8 percent increase in hiring expectations.

Ami Hollis, associate director of the Career Services Center, said in an e-mail that the overall outlook of the report looks flat, which is positive.

“This means that while some industries expect to hire less, others expect to hire more new graduates,” Hollis said. “I think the message to new grads translates into that they need to be more creative with their job search.”

Kathryn Wilson, associate dean of the College of Business, said students can gain employment or business contacts from internships, which can help them land jobs in the future.

“Students who do internships often find that that’s a good step into their first jobs,” she said.

Wilson said she advises students to take advantage of networks, including family and friends. She said first jobs are often found through connections.

Hollis said a 2008 survey conducted by NACE indicated that more than 40 percent of new hires come from the company’s own internship program, and 70 percent of interns who received full-time job offers felt the offers were directly related to interning.

She said internships, practicums, part-time jobs and informational interviews can help students understand different career choices.

“I think that the economy influences choices to a certain extent,” Hollis said. “The bottom line is that you have to like what you do because, for most people, they spend more time at work than at home.”

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