Technology developing worldwide

Rebecca Mohr

While China is leading in communication, the U.S. is focusing on medical technology

Technology is changing every day. Whether new inventions are being developed in America or in Asian countries, the fact is technology is shaping our world.

“There is so much new technology that it is hard for people to catch up,” Darwin Boyd, assistant professor in the College of Technology, said. “Things are moving so fast, it is a broad spectrum that people need to be aware of.”

Some argue that the technology in Asian countries, such as Japan, is more advanced than in the United States.

Chrissy Krajcer, senior middle childhood education major, said she thinks Japan is more advanced than America.

“Japan comes out with so much more stuff,” she said.

Krajcer said she thinks new technology is more in demand in Japan.

Sometimes the programs and use of the cell phones may be considered more advanced.

“I think that American cell phones are more for texting,” sophomore accounting major Cara Ricottilli said. “Japan’s cell phones are more designed for Web use.”

An example of advanced Asian technology was displayed in China during the Summer Olympics, specifically during the opening ceremonies.

“The opening ceremony was so advanced,” said Ricottilli. “I really don’t see us doing that in the near future.”

The ability to create a technologically advanced program like that in the future is directly connected to education today.

“Education is the key — getting people educated early in grade school through old age,” Boyd said. “It’s going to be hard, but we’ve done it before.”

Boyd said young people today are technologically savvy.

“Young people have grown up with phones and the connectivity that phones and computers provide,” said Boyd. “They are more comfortable with new technology.”

While Asian countries such as Japan have the upper hand in some areas, Boyd said the United States is more advanced in others, such as medical technology.

“A lot of people come to this country to get medical care,” Boyd said.

These new technological advances in medicine are helping many different aspects in medicine.

“We have clearer, better images of inside the human body,” freshman exploratory major Sara Rudy said. “This is a huge advantage in new surgeries and diagnosis.”

Some say America is more technologically advanced because of the computer and cell phone devices that have been invented in the United States.

“I think we are more advanced because we are the creators of the MacBook, iPod and Microsoft Windows,” Rudy said.

Opinions vary on which country is more technologically advanced, but Boyd said we have the potential to grow.

“Education in technology has not been a priority,” said Boyd. “But we do have the capability.”

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