Speaker: Six bible passages used to discriminate are misinterpreted

Regina Garcia Cano

PRIDE!Kent members stress ‘positive imagery’ about Christianity

Members of the Emmanuel Fellowship Church talked to PRIDE!Kent members last night in an attempt to dispel the belief that Christianity condemns homosexuality.

T.M. Hines, the church’s pastor, said in God’s eyes, everyone is equal.

“(.) Nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God,” she said, quoting Romans 8:38.

Hines said the Bible does not mention the word homosexuality, but six passages are commonly used to attack the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Passages from Genesis, 1 Timothy, Romans and Galatians are some of them.

PRIDE members asked Hines for suggestions how to reply when someone attacks them using Christian-based arguments.

Hines said students should not engage in discussions because that will fulfill their offender’s purpose. Hines also said members of the LGBT community could reply to their offenders by asking them to “pray for you.”

Some PRIDE members considered it important for the Christian community and the LGBT community to understand each other.

“It’s important for the gay community to hear positive imagery about Christianity,” freshman nursing major Darren Stevenson said. “It’s important for the Christian community to hear that, yeah, there are gay people who do love God and that God’s love is for everybody.

“This is who we are; we love God, and we can live happy with our homosexuality.”

Stevenson said it is important for members of the LGBT community who identify themselves as Christians to receive advice to be able to convince people of what they believe in.

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