Kent State students robbed at gunpoint

Theresa Bruskin

Electronics, other valuables stolen Monday morning

A group of four men held two Kent State students at gunpoint as they broke into their home at 1001 Franklin Ave. and stole thousands of dollars worth of their belongings early Monday morning.

Among the items reported stolen were laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, iPods, gaming systems and games, a CD player with speakers and CDs, cash, alcohol, guitars and a television.

Erik Urycki, senior public relations major, said he had just returned from driving his roommate Randall Horvath, freshman psychology major, to work when he heard a strange noise and went outside to look. He saw people near a car he didn’t recognize, then noticed two more men around the side of the house.

“They pulled a gun on me and told me to go inside,” he said.

He and his roommate Emma Sherrie, senior anthropology major, “were held against their will” as the men searched their house, Urycki said.

“It’s a mess; they touched everything. They looked through everything,” Sherrie said.

The whole ordeal took about 15 minutes, after which Urycki and Sherrie walked to the nearby Clark gas station on Water Street to call the police because their cell phones were stolen.

“I’m just really happy that we’re not dead,” Urycki said. “It could have been really bad. It really hasn’t sunken in yet.”

Urycki, who does vocals and guitar for local band The Speedbumps, said he lost “pretty much everything,” including the guitars he uses to perform and has to buy everything new. Sherrie, on the other hand, said most of her belongings were covered by insurance.

Kent police were unavailable for comment.

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