Rustic goes offbeat

Denise Wright

With almost a third of October already swept under the rug, it’s time for students to begin gearing up for the cooler autumn days and the longer winter months ahead. They can start by setting the tank tops aside and making room in their closets for cardigans, knit sweaters and sweater vests – the latest fall trends.

For the love of layering

Cameron Lyden, junior fine arts major, said he’s seen a lot of guys and girls layering, and on a personal note, adds that he’s “the king of layers.”

Jenn Sweany, junior fashion merchandising major, said sleeveless cardigan vests and full-length cardigans are popular pieces for layering this fall.

“I’ve seen more boys wearing cardigans than normal, which I’m a fan of,” Sweany said.

Textured tights are a new trend this fall and are “warmer for this kind of weather,” Sweany said.

Sweany said she’s seen a lot of girls wearing cable-knit tights complemented with shorts or skirts and a pair of boots.

Sweany said she thinks faux leather jackets are a great addition for the season, which is why she’s currently looking for one.

For other girls looking for jackets, Jeshana Buchanan, store manager of Buckle in Chapel Hill mall, said their store is offering a wide selection this fall.

“We have the standard puffy coat, but it’s a little bit more of a tailored fit this fall,” Buchanan said. “Plaid jackets are also really big, as well as bomber jackets with the elastic bands at the bottom.”

As far as guys on campus are concerned, Buchanan said they can layer their summer shirts over thermal shirts, while Sweany said hoodies are “always big for guys.”

No matter what people choose, layering seems to be the way to go.

“Layers are always good for fall,” Sweany said, mentioning students can stay warm while walking to class, but also remove clothing when they head inside where it’s warmer.

Lyden agreed and said, “It’s the smarter thing to do, it seems.”

Textures and colors and prints, oh my!

There seems to be an agreement that layering this fall is all about mixing, not matching, textures and colors.

“A lot of this season is mixing textures,” Buchanan said. “It’s all about the little details and how you can mix and match things.”

Lyden, however, is focused on mixing colors this season.

“I’ve seen a lot of cool earth tones, like grays and browns, paired with brighter pieces, like teals and oranges,” Lyden said.

He added that he likes to mix textures by layering tweed blazers with something of a smoother texture, like cotton shirts.

Buchanan said argyle print is back in style for guys and girls this season, while Sweany said she’s a fan of the Gingham print trend.

Sweany said Gingham is popular for both guys and girls this semester, as she’s seen the print on hoodies, jackets, button-ups, purses and everything in between.

Although she hasn’t seen them much on campus, Sweany thinks emblems will be big this fall, too. She said she expects to see them on cardigans and sweater vests, making for a “prep school” look.

It’s all in the jeans

The general consensus seems to be that there are limited, if any, rules for denim this fall.

Sweany said she’s seen “a little bit of everything” on campus, but also said she’s sensing a general trend of darker denim with contrasting stitching.

“A darker wash is normal for fall, but it’s really the customer’s preference,” Buchanan said.

While Lyden agreed that anything goes for jeans, he said a lot of students, himself included, prefer skinny jeans.

“I hear that high-waisted pants are coming in, too,” Lyden said of denim trends for girls. “I have some friends who are wearing them. I’ve also noticed that a lot of girls have been tucking baggier shirts into high-waisted pants; it’s cute, but I don’t know how warm it is.”

Fashionable footwear

One of the big trends for women’s footwear this fall is suede ankle boots, Sweany said, adding that she has a pair.

“As far as going out, I’ve also seen a lot of flat, chunky boots with buckles,” she said.

Buchanan agreed boots are in this fall, adding that “girls can cuff their skinny jeans to show off the detail of a great boot.”

Sweany said there are several local options for students who enjoy shoe shopping.

“Journey’s always has the latest shoe trends,” she said. “I also really like Gabe’s (Gabriel Brother’s) because they have big brands for a lot cheaper.”

Let’s accessorize

People often say that a great outfit stems from great accessories.

Longer necklaces with multiple pendants will certainly add to almost any outfit, Sweany said. She added that layering necklaces, in addition to clothing, is in.

As far as handbags are concerned, Sweany said almost anything goes this fall.

“I’ve seen a lot of animal print, a lot of bright-colored purses, a little bit of everything,” she said. “Oh, and I’ve also seen a great deal of messenger bags since more people are riding bikes.”

Another basic accessory for the season seems to be the scarf, both Lyden and Sweany said.

Sweany said both print and solid scarves are in, but she said she’s seeing more prints this year.

“I’ve also noticed guys wearing scarves,” Sweany said.

Lyden agreed, saying he thinks more guys are wearing scarves this year than in past years.

Dressing on a dime

Overall, there are a great deal of options for students who are trying to save money while still looking fashionable.

While Lyden prefers stores like H &M and American Apparel, he said he also likes to mix and match items from different stores.

“I’ll pair a really nice jacket I found at a thrift store with a shirt I bought somewhere else (more high-end),” he said.

Sweany agreed with mixing cheaper and higher priced items and recommended the following stores:

-Charlotte Russe — for trendy women’s clothing.

-Rave — for cheaper trendy clothing and a large selection for women.

-Gabriel Brothers — for both guys and girls, especially those looking for shoes.

-Goodwill — to get basics for this season like sweaters, vests, cardigans and scarves

(FYI: Goodwill near the Ravenna Wal-Mart offers a 10 percent discount with a student ID).

“The best thing I can recommend is just get the basics,” Sweany said.

And so the trend continues.

Sweany said she has recently begun to see more of the fall trends, as they tend to last from late September through December.

She added, however, that she’ll be wearing a lot of the items she bought for fall this winter as well.

“The trends carry over,” Sweany said. “Everything will just be heavier. With Ohio weather, there’s not really a difference between fall and winter (fashion).”

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