Nothing found after bomb threat in Satterfield Hall

Kelly Byer

A police search yielded no evidence of a bomb after a threat was made to Satterfield Hall yesterday morning.

Ron Corthell, chairman of the English department, said the admissions office received the call about the bomb threat. Corthell said he learned of the threat when police came to Satterfield Hall to investigate.

“The police felt that it wasn’t a really, very credible threat,” Corthell said. “But as a precautionary measure, they came to the building and went through the whole building.”

Corthell said he and police visited classrooms in Satterfield, asking students if they had seen anything out of the ordinary, such as a package not normally present. Police never evacuated the building.

An Akron police dog also searched the building.

“The dog went through all the public areas of the building,” Corthell said. “Everything was clean.”

Corthell said the whole process took about an hour.

– Kelly Byer