Police believe suspects in strong-arm robbery come from Cleveland area

Kelly Byer

Kent State Police said they are certain the perpetrators involved in the Sept. 14 strong-arm robbery behind the University Library were not Kent State students.

“They’re likely from the Cleveland area,” Lt. Carl Sweigert said. “There was a dance on campus that night at the Student Center, and we believe that they wanted to attend that dance.”

Sweigert said the suspects didn’t get into the dance and waited around outside causing trouble.

“Once the event let out, that’s when they selected their victims,” Sweigert said.

Police are continuing the investigation and have a few leads.

“We have some suspects that we’re hoping to interview in the future,” Sweigert said.

The victims were male Kent State students, Sweigert said.

The robbery took place at 2 a.m., near the R-6 lot. One victim reported personal property stolen in the robbery, which involved physical violence but not weapons.

One victim was taken to the hospital after the incident and was later released.

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