Calling on the ghosts of Stopher Hall

Lauren Spilar

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Nothing seems old or ghostly about Stopher Hall. ÿAspart of the brand new Honors College complex that opened in 2006, the building is practically the nicest it will ever be. ÿThe lounges are filled with comfy plush furniture, large fireplaces, and state of the art big-screen TVs. ÿThe kitchen and laundry facilities are still gleaming white. ÿThe rooms and hallways resemble those of hotels, but despite being arguably one of the nicest dorms on campus, Stopher Hall is said to be haunted.

Before it was torn down in 2004, the old Stopher Hall, built in 1949, was said to be haunted. ÿVarious ghost stories have been passed along through generations of students. ÿOne such popular story is about a student living in old Stopher who apparently committed suicide. ÿIt is said that his ghost lingered in the building, making frequent appearances and occasionally causing violent disturbances.

Most residents said they did not believe in ghosts and did not think Stopher was haunted. ÿSome said they had no reason to believe that the dorm was ever haunted but were excited to hear the story. Still others said they believed in ghosts, and although they had never experienced anything strange themselves, were quite open to the idea.

Freshman Stopher resident Joe Boyle did not have any personal ghost stories to tell, but readily agreed that Stopher may house some less-than-human residents.

“I just wouldn’t be surprised if a ghost was haunting Stopher,” he said. ÿ”Nothing really strange has happened to me.or my roommate. These friends of ours across the hall have a ouiji board and I guess some kind of freaky things have happened there.”

Stefanie Walesch, another freshman living in Stopher, said she had no weird experiences to share, but was sure that the building could in fact be haunted. ÿIs she ready for Halloween?

“Absolutely,” she said.

If the ghosts of old Stopher Hall have moved into the new one, then they have yet to make themselves known. ÿCan a new set of bricks and a fresh coat of paint erase years of ghostly presence? Is Stopher Hall really haunted? ÿWith just a few years history, we can only wait and see. ÿ

Lauren Spilar is a freshman newspaper journalism major and reporter for Contact her at [email protected].