Name is only thing scary about B005

Sara Scanes

Black walls. Black floor. Black Ceiling. The black box theater, which houses student lab shows and several sections of the class Art of Theatre, is a very literal name for B005.

A thin layer of dust covers the floor, and the pipes and chords that creep along the walls, connecting lights and electrical sockets, are painted to match, barely visible even during the day.

During student productions, when the lights go out in the small, windowless room, there’s no telling where the floor starts and the walls begin. Even when the dim stage lights click on, the utter darkness of the room is hardly illuminated at all.

Located in the basement of the Music and Speech Building, B005 not only has a ghostly name but is also rumored to be haunted.

“It’s common for theater’s to be haunted,” freshman theatre major Jensen Dash said.

Even so, Dash doesn’t think his Art of Theatre classroom is home to any ghosts.

Senior musical theatre major Rick Coffey agreed that it’s possible that B005 is haunted.

“It is a theatre major’s natural inclination to believe in hauntings,” Coffey said. “Theatre people are superstitious.”

Still, Coffey isn’t convinced.

“All of Music and Speech is supposedly haunted,” he said. “I personally don’t think so though.”

Even freshman theatre students aren’t shaken by the rumor.

“I doubt it’s haunted,” freshman theatre major Dana Anderson said.

Still, the rumor had to start somewhere.

Next time you’re in the Music and Speech Building, visit B005 and see for yourself.

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