Candidates compete for the crown


Nickname: “B”

Hometown: Huber Heights

Sponsor: Kent Student Ambassadors

Major: financeHonors and Activities: Harambee treasurer, Kent Student Ambassadors, community service chair, National Society of Leadership and Success vice president

My dream job is: working in the career of

my choice where I’m financially stable and my family is well taken care of.

My best stress reliever is: playing basketball.

Best memory at Kent: the entire summer coming into my freshman year in a program called Academic S.T.A.R.S.

My iPod is always playing: anything R&B or Hip-Hop or whatever I’m feeling at the time.

Celebrity Crush: Alicia Keys and Rihanna

I have a fetish for: always having to dribble a basketball when I see one.

Never have I ever: been to a live concert.

Why I deserve the crown: “Each candidate has all the capabilities and attributes for becoming the next Homecoming King, so I consider it an honor to be nominated and it would be an even greater honor to be named Homecoming King. If crowned, I would humbly accept the award and carry out my responsibilities of upholding the high standards and regards and respectability of being crowned Homecoming King.”


Nickname: Timmy “Twister” . since I twist balloons as a job!

Hometown: Copley

Sponsor: Sigma Chi Fraternity

Major: electronic media production-video

Honors and activities: Undergraduate Student Government – senator for the Honors College, member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity – currently serving as treasurer. I am a member of TV-2 and I previously served as production manager and operations manager – now I work on the crew (go Tuesdays!). I still enjoy working with the Boy Scouts and the Order of the Arrow, and I hope to continue volunteering long after graduation. I have been on the dean’s list since I started at Kent, I am an Eagle Scout, I received the Founder’s Alumni Medallion Scholarship, and I am in the Honors College.

My dream job is: I don’t really know. I know I want to be working with people, hopefully producing something for them that they will like and that I will be proud of.

My best stress reliever is:

hanging out with my friends.

Best memory at Kent: Enjoying the Homecoming weekend last year with many of my friends and members of my fraternity, and rocking out to my good friend’s band who played in the morning before we went to the game. I also had the pleasure of twisting balloons (that’s my job!) for the alumni tent at Tailgate Alley. It was an awesome mix of many people and things I love.

My iPod is always playing: I don’t have a working iPod . but theoretically it would be playing a lot of different music, especially some indie rock, maybe a bit of electronic music, and of course some current jams.

Celebrity crush: Penélope Cruz

I have a fetish for: Chipotle, root beer, “puppy chow” and Cheez-Its . all I need.

Never have I ever: won the lottery (fingers crossed).

Why I deserve the crown: “To be on Homecoming Court is itself a great honor. As for the king, I know that everyone who

is up for it has a lot of good qualities. I

am a very outgoing person and I have

enjoyed being involved in many things here

at Kent State. I am proud to be a part of

this, and I hope that I might be someone

students would be proud to have represent



Nickname: “Ky”

Hometown: Rootstown

Sponsor: Recreational Services

Major: psychology

Honors and activities: president’s list for 6 consecutive semesters, Senior Excellence Award, Honors College, Terri L. Stumphf Memorial Student Instructor Book Award, Trustee Scholar, Sherri Jo Luft Memorial Award, Week of Welcome leader, Kent State Student Ambassadors, Student Recreation Council: Community Relations member & vice president, First Year Experience student instructor, First Year Experience intern, Recreational Services: lifeguard and aquatics supervisor and swimming instructor, Intramural Sports, Kent State United for Biloxi, Robinson Memorial Hospital volunteer.

My dream job is: special event planner for a fashion magazine or working with top-notch event designers in the business.

My best stress reliever is: working out, especially spinning.

Best memory at Kent: I have a two. First, attending the Founder’s Ball as a presenter. It was such a wonderful and cherished moment to be among Kent State’s students and distinguished alumni. The second, spending time with the friends that I have made here at Kent State, from either playing on the dog raft in the pool, tailgating at football games, playing intramural sports or just laughing and having fun while being together.

My iPod is always playing: Britney Spears

Celebrity crush: Chace Crawford (Nate from “Gossip Girl”)

I have a fetish for: perfectly polished fingernails.

Never have I ever: been out of the country.

Why I deserve the crown: “I have met many students, faculty, and community members who all have had a part in making me who I am today. For those of you who I have yet to meet, I am a college student just like you aiming for success with a life of happiness. It would be an honor to represent the student body and be part of a legacy by being selected as your 2008 Homecoming Queen.”

&mdashJenn Yokely