2008 MTV Video Music Awards

ALL staff

The all staff decides its picks for the 2008 MTV video music awards

Meghan Borgardus’ picks

Best Rock Video:

Fall Out Boy-“Beat It”

Foo Fighters-“The Pretender”

Linkin Park-“Shadow of the Day”


The Best Rock Video category showcases an array of talents. From the flashy Fall Out Boy Michael Jackson remake, “Beat It,” to the metal of Slipknot’s “Pyschosocial.” With such a diversity of talent, it’s almost anybody’s award.

Preference, however, can be given to Fall Out Boy, whose rock-driven remake is catchier than the Jackson original.

Linkin Park’s “Shadow of the Day” is a solid effort, as is the Foo Fighters’ “Pretender,” but both bands are vets of the MTV awards show and they haven’t exactly produced anything different.

Newcomer Paramore stands out a bit with having the only female singer, but Fall Out Boy has embraced the legend of Michael Jackson in a way the band should profit from.

Best New Artist:

Miley Cyrus-“7 Things”

Katy Perry-“I Kissed a Girl”

Jordin Sparks-“No Air”

Taylor Swift-“Teardrops on My Guitar”

Tokio Hotel-“Ready, Set, Go!”

While Miley Cyrus certainly has the fans to dominate this viewers’ choice vote, Katy Perry’s infectious “I Kissed a Girl” should logistically be the front-runner of this group.

The somewhat silly song took the world of pop music by storm during the summer, making Perry a breakout star, whose earlier work had only cult fans. According to Billboard, Perry’s song has been on the Hot 100 countdown for 16 weeks and still holds strong at number four.

Cyrus has inspired mania among the pre-teen set, but they really aren’t the MTV demographic. Perry’s song is a bit more fitting among the “mature” VMA viewers.

As for Swift and Sparks, both seem a bit more like veterans than the pop music newbie Perry.

Best Female Video:

Mariah Carey-“Tough My Body”

Katy Perry-“I Kissed a Girl”

Rihanna-“Take a Bow”

Jordin Sparks-“No Air”

Britney Spears-“Piece of Me”

Queen of the comeback Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body” was a major hit and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” caused a phenomenon this summer. Yet hit-maker Rihanna has what it takes to topple all in this category.

With two hits currently in the top ten of Billboard’s Hot 100, Rihanna is poised to add another VMA to her collection. Although Carey has had more hit videos in her career, Rihanna has cranked out several in the past year.

Britney Spears’ “Piece of Me” seems more like a pity nomination than anything else. While Spears has been starring in VMA promos, giving her an award would be like staging a comeback instead of rewarding something. Rihanna’s spring and summer of hits deserves much more of a reward.

Nicole Aikens’ picks

Video of the Year:

Chris Brown-“Forever”

Jonas Brothers-“Burnin Up”

Pussycat Dolls-“When I Grow Up”

Britney Spears-“Piece of Me”

The Ting Tings-“Shut Up and Let Me Go”

Hands down this category goes to Chris Brown for his song “Forever.” This video, directed by Joseph Kahn, encompasses everything the Video of the Year should have: a great song, great dancing and a video that depicts the lyrics in the song. Chris Brown is one of the hottest hip hop artists right now, and in his video he shows no signs of slowing down.

If anyone can steal this category from Chris Brown it’s Britney. “Piece of Me” is the comeback video of all comeback videos, a big “eff you” to the media who have covered her in the past years. Both the video and song are lighthearted, but they send a big message. Plus, she looks really good. Still, no matter how good she looks, it’s still the year of Chris Brown.

Pop Video of the Year:

Danity Kane-“Damaged”

Jonas Brothers-“Burnin Up”

Panic At The Disco-“Nine In The Afternoon”

Britney Spears-“Piece of Me”

Tokio Hotel-“Ready, Set, Go!”

Every 13-year-old girl who is allowed to watch MTV will vote for the Jonas Brothers in this category, and I agree with every single one of them. Although “Burnin Up” isn’t Video of the Year worthy, it should definitely take the pop crown. It is easy-going, and the boys are as charming as ever. The poolside plot makes the video one of the top videos of summer and the front-runner for Pop Video of the Year.

Like Video of the Year, Britney is definitely capable of stealing this title. After all, she is the pop princess. Even after her hiatus, it’s going to be difficult for even the cutest of teenage boys to dethrone her.

Best Male Video:

Chris Brown-“With You”

Flo Rida-“Low”

Lil’ Wayne-“Lollipop”

T.I.-“No Matter What”

Usher-“Love In This Club”

It has been an explosive year for male musicians as seen with the nominees for Best Male Video. The category is completely up for grabs. All of these men have a good reason why they should win. Although anyone could take the award, I think it will come down to a battle between Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” and Chris Brown’s “With You.” This may come down to the flip of a coin, but even though it is Chris Brown’s year, I think Lil Wayne is going to edge him out of first place to take the Best Male Video title.

Jackie McLean’s picks

Best Hip Hop Video:

Mary J. Blige-“Just Fine”

Lupe Fiasco-“Superstar”

Flo Rida-“Low”

Lil’ Wayne-“Lollipop”

Kanye West-“Homecoming”

This year has been a great year for music, especially in the hip hop category. My pick for this award undoubtedly goes to Kanye West’s “Homecoming.” “Homecoming” is not only an awesome song, but the video is also the most creative in the list of nominees. The song features lead singer Chris Martin of Coldplay. In the video the two artists combine their talents in a black and white montage set in Kanye West’s home city of Chicago. Any hip-hop video that is not set in a raunchy dance club with half-naked girls is definitely a favorite of mine.

Best Dancing in a Video:

Chris Brown-“Forever”

Danity Kane-“Damaged”

Madonna-“4 Minutes”


Pussycat Dolls-“When I Grow Up”

No, I did not make up that last nominee. With this list, there’s no question that my pick for this award goes to Chris Brown’s “Forever.” If you saw his performance at last year’s VMAs then you know what I’m talking about. In the video, Chris Brown channels the great Michael Jackson in his dance moves while following his love interest in the streets of Los Angeles. Other scenes in the video include Chris Brown dancing in a club accompanied by background dancers and special light effects that surround the talented artist.