Obama ought to watch the company he keeps

Ted Hamilton

Smashed windows. Cement bags landing on buses. Spitting on people. An elderly delegate sprayed in the face with a mixture containing Clorox.

It’s all just another day at the Republican National Convention – at least when the radical leftist protesters crawl out of their holes. According to CNN’s Web site, a peaceful anti-war protest of 5,000 was followed minutes later by a different group of protesters causing property damage and vandalizing buses, cars and limousines.

Some of the protesters, such as the ones who were spraying people with Clorox and spitting on people, claimed they were “anarchists.” They must have missed the memo that the true big government supporters were in Denver the previous week. Or maybe they were sick of being shoved into “Free Speech Zones” created by a Democratic president and made popular by the current administration. Although the media is too busy idolizing Obama to bring up the question, I wonder what candidate the vandals must support to disrupt the RNC but not the Democratic National Convention?

Gee, I wonder?

Though these “anarchists” may not have stated outright they support Obama, the presidential candidate has other terrorists and vandals who do openly support him. William Ayers, one of the leaders of the Weatherman group that set off bombs in the United States during the ’70s, is rumored to have connections with Obama. Maoist thinker and supporter (those unfamiliar with the term just have to remember Russia under Stalin’s control) Mike Klonsky whose blog was on Obama’s Web site before the media began to run stories on Klonsky. After he was discovered, the Obama camp airbrushed his blog off the site, making it disappear faster than a dissenter in the USSR. Lastly, who can forget the Trinity United Church of Christ – a dead horse that was beaten for so long?

While this does not say anything directly about Obama or his supporters as a whole, you can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps. I am sure for every one vandal there are five peaceful demonstrators, but again, the company a person keeps says a lot about that person – as does his supporters.

The Obama train must be full by now. George Clooney, Oprah and Jennifer Aniston are just a few of Obama’s big supporters. I wonder if they realize who they’re sharing seats with?

Ted Hamilton is a senior magazine journalism major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].