Our view: Vote now

For many of us, Election Day is today.

When Nov. 4 arrives, forget about a possible snowstorm, traffic jam, or another one of the disasters Ohio is so wonderful about delivering without notice.

After all, this will be the first time Ohioans can vote early in a presidential election. In 2005, the legislature authorized no-fault absentee voting, which means Ohio voters can vote early in person or by absentee ballot without having to give a reason.

So go to your county’s board of elections and do it.

College students are full of excuses. We’ve heard some of the best ones for missing class, forgetting about a test or failing to complete homework. Chances are we’re responsible for a few of those. But when it comes to voting, there should be no excuse.

The state has made it incredibly easy to vote. By doing it early, Ohio has made it even easier and painless. And thanks to yesterday’s Ohio Supreme Court ruling, you can register to vote and cast a ballot on the same day. Convenient, eh?

You never know what could happen Nov. 4 that would prevent you from going to the polls – a family emergency, a class project or a flat tire. It’s still your responsibility as an American citizen to cast a vote.

This election is by far one of the most important of our lifetime. We have such a stake in our country’s future, and the time to make our voices heard is now. We’re in two wars and our economy is crumbling. We’re going to be the ones to inherit this mess. And for many of us, it’s the first presidential election to show Washington that we do have a voice.

During the last presidential election, many college students faced problems at the polls for not having the proper identification. Chances are you’re less likely to face these if you do it early. But if you do run into trouble, you’ll have more time to work it all out. So, why take the chance?

For many of us, voting on Election Day is half the experience. Waiting in line, thinking about whom the person next to you is going to vote for is much of the thrill. The lines, the political chatter and the “I voted today” sticker are all pieces of the pie that make Election Day so special.

But if you can’t guarantee you’ll have a few minutes to spare Nov. 4, go to your county’s board of elections today.

Vote strong. Vote proud. Vote early.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.