Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

Today (Wednesday) presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain announced that he would be departing from the campaign trail temporarily in order to go back to Washington and assist in the government project to fix the current economic state. I have to say that this is a bold and brilliant move. Sen. Barack Obama has been invited by the president to participate as well, and instead of packing his bags and getting on a plane, he has instead decided to chide McCain by stating that a leader should be able to do several things at once.

Normally, I would agree with such a statement; however, at a time when the American economy is under a proverbial cardiac arrest, McCain leaving the trail in order to assist is the right thing to do. Voters should keep in mind that McCain has slipped behind in the polls dramatically, but instead of continuing to campaign and talk about change, he is taking a big risk, heading to the capital and actually working for change.

Wasn’t it Obama who said something to the effect that many people only talk about change and never take action? While he is running for president, I think he should keep in mind that he is still a U.S. senator and has an obligation to the American people NOW! This is the time and place when leadership is needed. This is when everyone should set aside personal goals and do what needs to be done to help our nation, especially those who wish to lead it. Actions speak louder than words, Obama, and right now your actions are barely a whisper during a time of need.

Andrew Spice

freshman journalism major

Dear Editor,

I feel as a member of the Kent Interhall Council that the report (Tuesday’s “USG senator for residence halls calls off-campus address home”) on what some may perceive as a feud between Undergraduate Student Government and KIC is totally uncalled for and should not have been printed.

We have the utmost respect for USG, and there is no feud whatsoever. I was expecting better journalism from a paper like the Stater, but unfortunately this article made this paper into a tabloid.

Why didn’t the writer check with KIC members or maybe do an in-depth interview with both parties before splashing this drek all over campus? I would hope that the writer of this article would remember the words of Ronald Reagan when he was asked about Gorbachev: “Trust but verify.” As a journalism major, it should be the first thing you do.

Steven Shroyer

sophomore newspaper journalism major