Reporter’s Notes

Jackie McLean

MTV Video Music Awards a big disappointment

The Video Music Awards has always had a reputation for being wildly entertaining. It’s the one awards show that gets all of the hottest musical artists together for one night of out-of-control behavior, questionable fashion and off-the-wall performances.

In case you didn’t get to see the show, here is a simple recap.

The night started off with a hilarious clip starring Britney Spears and Jonah Hill from “Superbad.” Hill gave Spears advice before opening the show. At the same time, he kept trying to kiss her, but she wouldn’t let him. After watching the clip, I thought that maybe the awards wouldn’t suck this year. Boy, was I wrong.

Russell Brand, the star of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” hosted the show this year. During the entire show I kept thinking to myself, “Who is this guy and why in the hell is he hosting the VMAs?” He had the most ridiculous hairdo. It literally looked like he had an electrocuted muskrat on his head.

His pathetic attempt to make the audience laugh by criticizing the Jonas Brothers’ purity rings and their views on virginity totally backfired when Jordin Sparks said, “I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It’s not bad to wear a promise ring, because not everybody – guy or girl – wants to be a slut.”

As if Brand’s jokes weren’t lame enough, it looked like most of the presenters had just found out five minutes ago they were going to be presenting an award.

Britney Spears won three awards for her music video “Piece of Me,” including Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and Video of the Year. No, I am not making this up.

Britney Spears- the one who shaved all her hair off, lost her children to Kevin Federline and attacked paparazzi with an umbrella- won the biggest award of the night. After seeing Britney Spears win, I truly believe the only reason she won these awards was because MTV felt sorry for her.

Even though a majority of the show sucked, I have to admit there were some good parts. The performances by Rihanna, Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, Christina Aguilera and T.I. definitely met the standards of past VMA performances.

Rihanna opened the VMAs with a performance of her latest hit, “Disturbia.” Other than the weird-looking rattail she had on the back of her head, she looked good wearing a black corset outfit complete an awesome pair of black boots.

Christina Aguilera performed a hip-hop version of “Genie in a Bottle,” and finished up the performance with a new single called “Keeps Getting Better.” She looked good as well, especially considering she just had a baby.

All in all, the 2008 VMAs were a complete and utter disaster. The audience didn’t even look happy to be there.

I will never forget the look on Chris Brown’s face when he lost the award for Video of the Year to Britney Spears. Even he was shocked that out of all the talented nominees, Britney took home the award.

If you missed this year’s award show, don’t even worry about it. I wouldn’t sit through the show again if someone paid me.

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