Downtown crisis center helps collect cell phones for security

Samantha Tosado

For more than 30 years, Townhall II has helped women cope with sexual assaults and domestic violence. Now, they are using technology to help.

“In the past year, adult sexual assault and domestic violence are the crimes we get the most requests for,” said QuJane Gordon, victim outreach specialist and victims of crime act coordinator at Townhall II.

Townhall II, a crisis center for Portage County in downtown Kent, is collecting cell phones to give to victims to make them feel more secure, Gordon said.

“It’s recently been getting out there that people can donate cell phones for a good cause,” Gordon said, adding that people can drop off cell phones at the front desk.

Gordon said cell phones give victims of sexual assault and stalking instant access to 911 in case of an emergency.

“It’s a good thing to have, especially women with kids who have abusive husbands,” she said. “It could mean the world to someone to donate.”

Gordon also said that people donate clothes to the victims, as well as soap, lotion and toothpaste for rape cases.

“There’s a number of churches that have wish lists of things we need,” Gordon said. “We’re trying to look to see what more we can do to help.”

Townhall II aims to help victims of rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual harassment, stalking, federal crimes and hate crimes.

“It saves people a lot of money because many of the services are free,” Gordon said.

Services include a medical clinic, prevention education substance abuse, sexual assault counseling and a 24-hour help line.

Gordon said everything is anonymous and confidential.

People, however, don’t always call the help line for a crisis.

“Sometimes it’s a simple, ‘I can’t sleep’ or ‘I can’t relax’ in the middle of the night,” she said.

Gordon said that Townhall II is always there to help no matter what the issue.

“It’s rewarding in the end,” she said. “We do our job every day with a smile.”

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