Support real music, support local bands

Sara Petersen

Every time I walk into Target, I am greeted by some of the worst horrors known to mankind. Every sense of mine is bombarded by the revulsion that is Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. Every song I hear by these “artists” on the radio or TV fills me with deep disgust, and my ears then begin to bleed.

I do not find Cyrus or any of the Jonas Brothers talented in any way, shape or form. Their musical skills are at a bare minimum, if they even have any at all.

In my opinion, Cyrus has absolutely zero talent. I can sing better than her, which is really saying something because I have a voice perfect for print. She is also 15 and extremely popular because Disney is excellent at twisting people to fit their audience’s wants.

The Jonas Brothers consist of Kevin, 20, Joe, 19 and Nick, 16. Yes, they can play instruments, but they still need other members to fill their “band” when three people are enough to have a fully functional rock band. Besides, Nick sings like a whiny pre-teen girl, and putting my head through a wall seems like the only acceptable solution to that ghastly noise. I also find it incredibly ironic that Nick was the one who made this whole Jonas Brothers thing happen.

While Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers are making millions of dollars a year with their lack of talent, there are so many local bands out there that have legitimate musical abilities.

I know two members of a band called Aviatik, based out of Kent. Aviatik consists of Jeremy Langham, 24, Michael Watson, 24, Alex Herman, 23, John Zarski, 24, and Louis Hausknecht, 23, and was formed five years ago. They released an album in April and have been trying to become famous.

There is no question of their talent. Langham taught himself guitar and synthesizer. Watson had 12 years of classical piano training, and when he was 14 he taught himself how to play guitar. He also claims proficiency in four other instruments such as bass, drums, harmonica and keyboard, all also self-taught. Herman has been playing the bass guitar since he was 12, and Zarski has had guitar and voice lessons. Hausknecht’s vast array of musical talents includes percussion, guitar, piano, violin, cello, saxophone and bass guitar.

Aviatik has amazing skill and determination. They write their own songs and meticulously study other great musicians. The rhythms and melodies they come up with blows away everything I have ever learned in my nine years of musical experience. Their ability to perform live is excellent. When Zarski and Watson perform vocally during a show, they are always on key. I have never heard either of the two miss any of their harmonies.

While Aviatik has an immense amount of talent, and Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers are severely lacking, the paycheck going to the three different entities is not what it should be.

Between June 2007 and June 2008 Cyrus made an estimated $25 million, and the Jonas Brothers made about $12 million in 2007 with their adolescent voices and help from professional songwriters and editors.

The members of local band Aviatik pay the rent in much less glamorous ways. One is a graphic designer, one designs rubber seals for automotive uses, one is a graduate assistant at the University of Akron, one is a server at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant, and another works at a liquor store. Money is very scarce at times, and imperative things like proper health care go unattended due to lack of finances.

Decent music may seem like it’s hard to come by, but it really isn’t if you turn off the Disney Channel and look in your surroundings for real talent from local musicians.

Sara Petersen is a junior public relations major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].