mr. Gnome delivers its sounds to the nation

Pamela Crimbchin

Courtesy of mr. Gnome

Credit: DKS Editors

Cleveland’s mr. Gnome took the nation on an alternative-experimental trip through the power of contrasting dynamics, rhythmic breakdowns and hypnotic vocals during its fifth national tour this summer.

“We just want to spread the seed of the gnome one show at a time,” said Nicole Barille, lead singer and guitarist.

The tour was based on the duo’s first full-length album, “Deliver This Creature,” which was released in early May through the Internet and self-distribution.

“There is definitely some softer sides (on this album) that we have never shown on the EP’s,” Barille said.

mr. Gnome is a duo composed of Barille and Sam Meister, drummer and back up vocalist. When writing “Deliver This Creature,” Barille admits the band didn’t worry as much about how they would perform the songs live. Therefore, the album has a lot more instrumentation than the duo will be able to perform on stage.

mr. Gnome is receiving a lot of positive feedback about the album; however, with the current state of the recording industry, it’s hard to have an accurate measure of its success.

“Our album is getting bootlegged and stolen left and right so who knows what we’ve lost in album sales,” Barille said. “Stealing makes our hearts hurt.”

Barille and Meister started their tour of 21 states in New York City at Clevelandfest. Clevelandfest is a showcase of Cleveland bands in the Big Apple.

mr. Gnome is no stranger to national tours. At one point the duo left their belongings in storage, choosing to tour full time. They lived in a van, stayed with friends and even some fans along the way. The band learned quickly that they have to be very careful when staying with fans.

“You have to wonder about someone who invites complete strangers at a bar to stay at their house,” Meister said.

mr. Gnome plays at a lot of college town bars and concert halls, such as Kent’s Robin Hood.

“The Robin Hood is a very cool spot, but really the thing that makes a good night is the crowd.” Barille said. “We’ve played at the dirtiest of clubs. No sound guy, cockroaches, two inches of urine on the bathroom floors, rude bartenders, no free beer, but what we did have was an amazing crowd. That’s priceless.”

While the band is very fond of the Pacific Northwest, Lawrence, Kan., is also one of their favorite college towns.

“We love Lawrence as a city and as a place to stop, but as far as kick ass places to play, big props to Cleveland, Chicago, Seattle, Houston and Tucson,” Meister said.

mr. Gnome is currently wrapping up its music video for “Night of The Crickets,” working on new material for its next album and scheduling dates for its upcoming regional tour. A date isn’t currently posted for the Robin Hood, but fans can find the band Halloween night at Cleveland’s Sachsenheim Ballroom.

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