KSU Investment Club teaching campus money basics

Kristina Deckert

Group teaches how to make money by investing in stocks

The Kent State Investment Club originated during the Spring 2008 semester to “teach students and other people how to invest,” said President Jeff Wroe.

The club is open to all students, especially those interested in making money and the stock market.

“I started this club because my friends wanted to know how to make money and invest,” Wroe said. “So, I figured I’d teach more people how to do that.”

For students wanting to join who are unfamiliar with the economy, investing and the stock market, Wroe said the club offers training through a Web site. The Web site gives background information and they build on the information during the weekly meetings.

“I don’t understand this stuff – that’s why I’m here,” said Shawn Hodgins, senior business management major and new member of the Investment Club.

Each week, one member of the club prepares a presentation. The presentation is usually about a particular company and why it is or is not a good stock to hold. Normally, the meetings cover the general state of the economy, how to invest and the individual presentations.

The club also plans on bringing in speakers, possibly including Jim Cramer, the host of Mad Money on CNBC. Wroe said he would like to bring him in this year to a bigger audience in Cartwright Hall.

Wroe said he thinks students should become more aware of the economy and the stock market because the stock market is the easiest way to get rich.

“People just don’t understand how easy it is for you to make money with your own money,” he said. “They’re just afraid of the risks – they think they’ll go bankrupt.”

Wroe said that it is easy to lose money with the stock market, but if people do their homework, the risk is lower.

The club currently has about 20 members and meetings are held at 6 p.m. on Fridays in Room 324 of the Business Administration Building.

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