Sarah Palin gets right message to some voters, but choice meant little

Marcus Barkley

On Aug. 29, Republican presidential candidate John McCain announced his choice of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, seemingly unknown in the realm of Washington politics, as his running mate.

Now that the dust has settled, it seems that everyone is back into a “normal” political mode. But what do the citizens of Kent and students of the university think about a McCain-Palin ticket?

Sophomore fashion major Sarah Lacarte said she thought that the choice of Palin would help bring in some voters for McCain, but it would do nothing to sway her support for Barack Obama.

“(The choice for Palin) definitely gets across the right message McCain was missing when he was looking like just an old, decrepit, white man and kind of angry at everybody,” Lacarte said. “I guess it helps him out a little bit in the image department, (but) I’m already a Democrat.”

“I think (the choice for Palin) will only add fuel to the fire. I don’t think anyone could say different,” Brett Lancy, Kent resident and political science graduate of Ohio University said. “You had Hillary running for president, which was historical in itself, so you had to pick between Obama and Hillary, which was also historic as well. Now, adding Palin to McCain’s ticket, it only adds to that.”

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