ANTI-WAR Protest interrupts event

Although there was much to do and see at the event, students were drawn to a debate between members of the Kent State Anti-War Committee and students who came to protest against them.

Yvette Coil, senior conflict management major, said she protested against the event because it was sponsored by the National Guard.

“We are here because we feel the moral compass needs reset,” Coil said. “We attend every National Guard event because it doesn’t make sense that Kent students were shot by them and now we allow them to recruit on our campus.”

Freshmen education majors Allie Le-Khatib and Karlin Marg said they decided to make signs in response to the Anti-War Committee because they said joining the military is a personal choice.

“Our soldiers chose to join the military and fight for our country,” Le-Khatib said. “It’s not like they are being drafted.”

Lauren Johnson, junior speech pathology major, said she came to the event because she is interested in BMX biking, not protesters.

“I think this is a good event because it is interactive, students can participate and it is something they have never done here before,” Johnson said. “I don’t see why people can’t just come for the riding and not worry about protesting.”

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