A place for ‘weirdo music’

Brittany Moffat

Turnup Records offers lesser-known music in small-town atmosphere

Self-described purveyors of “weirdo music,” Turnup Records’ Charlie Loudin and Doug Gent sell new and vintage vinyl, CDs and tape cassettes that aren’t common in stores outside larger cities.

Loudin said weirdo music consists mainly of underground or widely unknown bands and singers who will not show up on the Top 40.

Tucked away on the first floor of the old home next to the Standing Rock Cultural Arts headquarters, Turnup Records offers a unique atmosphere. Loudin and Gent have filled the front bow window with fliers for upcoming local concerts, while the window seat is layered with stacks of local publications and fliers for other Kent cultural events.

Racks along the outside wall hold collections of new and vintage vinyl. Included among the vintage records are musical theater soundtracks, Motown groups and 1980s punk and new wave acts. The store also carries records from groups such as Journey and KISS, which Loudin describes as guilty pleasures.

Loudin, who opened the store in August 2005, said he wanted some place that carried music he would normally have to travel to Cleveland, Columbus or Ann Arbor, Mich., to find. Growing up in Kent, he said the city has always had good record stores, but he saw a need for a store like his.

The store occasionally hosts local bands, and it carries the work of local musicians and artists. Loudin said he thinks support for local businesses – and the people of Kent – is important.

Loudin laughs when he describes the music he carries as weirdo or awesome, but he said what’s most important is offering music people “feel passionately about.” Loudin said his and Gent’s broad knowledge of music and records qualifies them to offer customers sound advice and suggestions for new records to try.

Loudin and Gent are planning a Sept. 6 party to celebrate the store’s third anniversary. Local musicians and artists are expected.


257 N. Water St.

(330) 678-8876

Monday through Saturday: Noon to 7 p.m.

Sunday: Noon to 4 p.m.

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