Finding a place to keep your money safe

Arielle Williams

Opening up a checking account and selecting a bank is something that many new students have to do. Sometimes it’s hard to read the fine print and find all the hidden catches that come with “deals” the banks give you. Not all offers are bad, and it can take patience and paying close attention to details for students to find the bank and program that works for them.


• Located at 620 S. Water St., (330) 677-3200

• Special where students get a free iPod when they open a free student checking account or debit card

• Students must follow all online instructions to get the iPod

• Set up online account access

• Apply for a student credit card with a $300 to $500 limit (must make payments on time)

• Students get the iPod in September as long as their accounts don’t close or overdraft

• First box of checks costs $10

• Key Bank is giving away $2,500 scholarships (students don’t have to have an account, but they do have to register)

National City Bank

• Located at 1180 W. Main St., (330) 673-1332

• Standard free checking account with debit card (must start with $50 in account)

• No minimum balance, but students must have activity; if no activity within 6 months, the bank will begin charging fees

• Free online banking and bill payment

• Student savings account free with checking account (must start with $50 in account)

• Free “checking plus” (monthly bill payment and direct deposit available)

• “Points program” free: For every dollar students spend, they get 2 points that can be turned in for money or use at various stores

• National City has duffle bags and water bottles to give away if students open an account

Huntington National Bank

• Located at 1500 E. Main St, (330) 678-8282;

101 E. Main St, (330) 677-8200;

1035 W. Main St, (330) 677-8210;

250 S. Water St, (330) 677-8301;

Kent Student Center, (330) 677-8243

• First 50 checks free

• Students can open up a savings account linked to their checking account for overdraft protection

• Account linked to FlashCard so students can use their FlashCard at ATMs

• Free online banking and bill payment

• ATMs on campus: Student Center, Eastway, outside Bowman Hall