Advice from students about dorm living

Ashley Williams

Senior graphic design major Stephen Rollick’s roommate was messy and rarely left the room. Rollick says they rarely talked to each other, making it an awkward situation. He has one piece of advice: “Be clean and tidy or else the bugs will move in.”

Junior fashion merchandising major Brittany Bigsbee’s advice to incoming freshmen is to complete a roommate agreement form. She says it’s very important because roommates can tell each other what their expectations and needs are from each other. She suggests asking questions such as: “Are you a messy person?”, “Do you have early classes?” and “Do you mind if friends come over?”

KSU graduate Teresa Belfiore suggests being open when talking to your roommate about your living needs. “Communication is very important,” she says. She also suggests not letting things accumulate over time without anything being said. She advised being courteous to your roommate, and if you’re having problems, talk it out with each other.

Senior English major Sarah Koby says in order to avoid any roommate problems, be sure to talk everything out. If students are having problems with roommates, bring it up. If students feel they can’t bring the issue up to their roommate, she suggests getting the resident assistant or residence hall director involved so they can help mediate the problem.

Sophomore exploratory major Natalie Dawson suggests hiding the good stuff, such as valuables, jewelry, meaningful items and, of course, good food.

Senior anthropology major Julia Shuttleworth says to let the little things go, but if something’s a big deal – your roommate eating your favorite food every time you buy it, for example – “talk it out and try not to yell.”

Senior psychology major Yejide OlaniyanOlaniyan recommends not rooming with your best friend. “You hear it all the time, but until you actually go through the experience like I did,” she says, “you will understand why it’s a real big precaution.”