Unexpected change can be the best

Lauren Buckosh

For the past two days, I’ve been trying to come up with something inspiring and wise to write about in my senior column. I’m not a writer by nature, so whatever I put on paper usually comes out sounding more like a string of random thoughts than anything cohesive. Really, how can you put three years worth of college experiences into a 600-word column?

It’s easy. Pick the ones that ultimately defined who you have become.

Tonight as I was hanging out with two of my friends taking an impromptu ride around the campus in the bed of a Chevrolet truck, I realized something: College is a lot like that truck ride. Sometimes the unexpected changes in your plan or schedule end up being the most worthwhile. Not to sound cliché, but some of them may change your life.

I transferred to Kent wanting to major in Web site design, but it’s not a major offered here, and there’s nothing remotely close to it that interested me. That’s how I ended up a visual journalism major in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. It sounded like something I could get into, and it allowed me to use the creative side of my brain that I like so much.

Majoring in visual journalism was one of those unexpected changes that was definitely worth it. I’ve enjoyed every second in my design classes and at the Stater. I’m actually excited to graduate Saturday and then go off into the real world and put my skills to the test.

During my second semester here, my video basics professor referred me to a place called TeleProductions. It is a full production video studio in the Music & Speech Center that hires students as employees. At this point, I wasn’t really making any friends, and I was desperate for some social interaction. So I hopped in during one of their Friday training sessions.

It was another unexpected event that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Through TeleProductions, I worked on so many fantastic projects and got to visit places I would not have visited myself. I was also fortunate enough to have met the most amazing people, some of whom have become my best friends. I had fallen so out of touch with my high school friends that I came to Kent having only one I could talk to, and now we barely speak. I actually considered changing my major again because of the people and the work I got to do at TeleProductions, but in the end, I did not. I enjoy designing too much.

Fast-forward to this year, my final year at Kent State. I’m finishing my degree requirements, I have two awesome on-campus jobs that I enjoy, and I have a wonderful set of friends. During my first semester, I would never have imagined it would turn out this well. I was one of those people who sat around their dorms alone thinking, “This is college? What a load of junk.”

My entire outlook on life is different now. I’ve always been an optimist, but today I can truly say that I’m happy about where I’m headed. My career path has changed, my friends have changed – and ultimately I’ve changed because of my experiences. You have to roll with whatever punches life throws at you.

I’m glad I had the chance to take that truck ride tonight. It really did make me think about what I wanted to convey in this piece. You get to see a different view of the world that not all people get to experience. You have the chance to endure an exciting adventure you’re not likely to forget.

After all, you’ll never know what is behind door number one if you don’t step out of the hallway.

Lauren Buckosh is a senior visual journalism major and a designer for the Summer Kent Stater. She is also graduating Saturday.

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