Letter to the editor

Where did the real Flash go?

Dear Editor:

A cramped gymnasium full of screaming Kent State fans is a far cry from the natural environment of a beautiful animal who usually flies high in the sky for miles. (PETA says Kent State’s mascot is too terrified to be at games.)

Keeping an eagle as a captive “mascot” is extremely confusing and stressful to a bird. I can barely take all the loud noises and bright lights, and an eagle has a heightened sense of both sight and hearing. An animal sanctuary should provide animals with peaceful lives, not parade them around as a gimmick at sports games to the highest bidder.

Where did the real, true Flash go? I graduated from Kent State University in 2004 and was proud to have the costumed Flash as my mascot. At least he was fun and interactive. Now, every time I go to cheer on my alma mater, I will be filled with sadness when I see the sad and confused bird, reminding me that not everyone in the building wants to be there.

Paul Smith

Kent State alumnus