Letter to the editor

Hitch a ride on the PART-Y bus

Dear Editor:

I agree with your editorial, “Preparing for more grim days at the pump,” June 18, that Kent students need to think outside the box to survive high gas prices. You mention bus riding and note that PARTA’s express routes serve both Akron and Cleveland.

Actually, area mass transit reaches even farther. I live in Canton and have been commuting to campus for a few years via SARTA’s X-81 bus that makes eight trips weekdays between downtown Canton and downtown Akron (where I connect with PARTA), with stops next to Westfield Shoppingtown, Belden Village mall and at Kohl’s Plaza at Arlington Road and Interstate 77.

Because SARTA and PARTA exchange transfers, the price of one ticket will get Canton students to school or back home again. METRO (Akron) discontinued transfers for most routes a while back. I’m unaware of GCRTA’s (Greater Cleveland) transfer policy.

All four of the bus systems post schedules and other rider information on their respective Web sites: www.sartaonline.com, www.akronmetro.org, www.partaonline.org and www.gcrta.org.

Students concerned that riding the PARTA bus to school sounds adolescent can act cool, nonetheless. They should tell peers, “I hitch a ride on the PART-Y bus.”

For a break from their BUS-Y schedules students can go to the blog I just started at www.masstransitrider.com

John Reinier

Senior Guest