Letter to the editor

Olga Mural’s generosity didn’t go unnoticed

Dear editor,

I am writing this letter in honor of the late Mrs. Olga Mural. As some know, Mrs. Mural was one of Kent State University’s most charitable donors. She provided the university with many donations in the form of scholarships, grants and an athletic donation that allowed the baseball team to play in an advanced facility. Mrs. Mural presented us with a great example of how the spirit of giving can enlighten many individuals through charity.

I was lucky enough to receive the Olga and Walter Mural Medallion Scholarship. I am forever grateful for this award, because I would have had a difficult time affording college without it. This award allowed me to focus my energy toward my studies and brief participation in Kent State football. It also provided me with assurance that my hard work in high school and college would not go unrewarded.

I am fortunate to have been a beneficiary of her unparalleled philanthropy. People like Mrs. Mural emulate the spirit of giving that is within every man and woman. Her charity demonstrated the love she had for Kent State University, its staff, and its students, and will provide me with a standard to emulate in my future years. Mrs. Olga Mural will be truly missed by everyone who loved and was influenced by her.

Thank you, Mrs. Mural, for your generosity. Because I was fortunate enough to be a recipient. Your gift will never be forgotten.

Stephen Michael Volsko

Spring 2008 graduate