USG meeting allocates money for new computers

Jenna Staul

Undergraduate Student Government discussed gun control on campus, what to do with money earned from this semester’s Third Eye Blind concert and the progress of the fledgling governing body yesterday.

The group voted to allow executive director Jon Bey to spend $30,000 to upgrade computers in the USG and student organization offices. The money for the computer upgrade will come from money recouped from Third Eye Blind ticket sales. Bey said the group made back the $50,000 it spent on the concert through ticket revenue. USG’s operating budget is funded through the Student Activity Fee students pay for with tuition each semester.

Bey said USG will need to provide its expanded membership with computers. He also said many of the computers in the offices are outdated and not functioning properly.

“Some of them are five, six years old at least,” Bey said.

USG also passed emergency legislation in opposition to Ohio Bill 318 that allows individuals to carry a concealed weapon on campus. The resolution sparked a lively debate between the directors and many of the senators, some of whom were confused by the wording of the resolution.

“We feel that this is the best way to deal with the problem,” said Ronnie McArdle, director for governmental affairs, who read the resolution.

USG has no jurisdiction to enforce any such legislation. The resolution was simply voted on in an effort to express opposition to Bill 318.

“I think the confusion on this was about what the underlying bill was,” Bey said.

USG members provided the group with a report of their work thus far. Many of the senators had met with deans of their respective colleges and officials from groups they will represent.

The executive board discussed some of its initial plans for next year, including a voter registration drive, a textbook symposium, community walks with the Kent city manager and a concert for next year.

“We want a big concert right off the bat,” said Michael Szabo, director of programming, who also is looking into hosting a concert that will include a national headlining band as well as two local bands. “I’m trying to get this really big so it’s like, ‘Hey, we’re USG and we’re the programming board and we’re here to stay.'”

USG will meet again on June 20 to vote on its yearly operating budget.

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