Chipotle food test results come back negative for contamination

The Ohio Health Department found food samples taken from Chipotle in Kent two weeks ago were not contaminated with bacteria, although people who had eaten at the restaurant tested positive for norovirus last week.

There is no test for the virus in food, said Kristopher Weiss, spokesman for the Ohio Health Department, but all the results for various bacteria came back negative today. The bacteria tested comprised salmonella, E. coli, shigella, staph and fecal coliform. Fecal coliform is present in most human feces, and would indicate that human waste got into the food. One of the ways that norovirus is transmitted is through waste.

John Ferlito, health commissioner for the Kent Health Department, said the department is still determining which foods people ate at Chipotle and got sick.

“We would assume the food was contaminated,” he said. “How it got contaminated I’m not quite sure yet. We might never know.”

– Kiera Manion-Fischer