Remake fails to improve upon original

Samantha Tosado

‘Prom Night’ a cliché attempt


Credit: Ron Soltys

Real quick

Prom Night

Starring Brittany Snow, Scott Porter, Dana Davis

Directed by

Nelson McCormick

Rated PG-13

Stater rating (out of five): **

To most high school seniors, prom night is a night to remember. It’s a night to kick back with their fellow peers and reminisce on prior high school memories. For others, it’s just an excuse to ride in a limo, buy that expensive outfit that one will only wear once in their life and of course the infamous after-party is a plus, but not for Donna Keppel (Brittany Snow), the lead character in Prom Night.

If anyone guessed that this film was going to be cheesy and as disappointing as the unrelated but similarly titled 1980 film, then they were correct. Horror isn’t even the genre for this film. Comedy seems more like it. Story? Decent. Acting? Bad. Direction? Even worse.

The concept is nothing, but generic. It is doubtful that the writers even took a day to come up with the script. Donna comes home from the movies with her friend. She calls for her mom in the house, but there is no answer. She goes upstairs to notice that her little brother has been killed. Instead of locking the door and calling 9-1-1, she hides under her bed. Her mother runs into Donna’s bedroom to hide from the killer and he kills her mother right in front of her eyes.

Three years later, Donna is still traumatized by the tragedy, but is slowly moving on with her life. Her prom night is right around the corner. We find out who the killer is and what he wants right away, which was kind of unsatisfying to begin with.

The killer, Donna’s ex-science teacher, had become violently obsessed with her. Why he was obsessed the writers really don’t specify, a minor detail that could have made the movie better. (Probably not though.) As far as Donna knew, he was put into an insane asylum, but sure enough he escapes right before prom night, a perfect opportunity to go on a killing spree. Go figure.

Attempting to start a new chapter in her life, Donna is going away to Brown University, has the best friends a girl could have, and not to mention a rather caring boyfriend. Nothing bad could happen, right?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happens next. I’ll give the killer “Biggest Creeper Award” props, but that’s about it. His facial expressions were probably the scariest thing about the entire film.

Like the movie I Know Who Killed Me, I found myself laughing out loud in between parts. The killing scenes aren’t even remotely scary in this film. There is barely any gore or blood for that matter. The people getting killed don’t even try to escape as if they’re just asking to be murdered.

During the film, I was waiting for a twist to come or even a surprise of some sort, but no. Of course that was too much to ask of such a film. The movie starts out dumb, turns comical and ends disappointingly.

In the end, none of the characters gain anything. Donna’s family, friends and boyfriend are murdered. Oh, and of course the cop saves the day. Who would have thought?

The movie as a whole was cliché and dull. With an original plot, one would think that this movie would be somewhat entertaining, but unfortunately in this case, not the slightest bit intriguing.

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