National fraternity revokes KSU’s Phi Kappa Tau charter

Jessica Lumpp

Phi Kappa Tau’s charter to be a Greek organization on Kent State’s campus has been revoked. The fraternity was informed by the university on April 10.

Beth Gittons, assistant director for fraternity and sorority affairs, confirmed the decision was from the fraternity’s national organization. She said the letter didn’t specify why the charter had been revoked.

Tim Hudson, director of chapter services for the national organization, said they did suspend operation of the chapter, and there is no longer any undergraduate activity.

“There was a pattern of risk management incidents that led us to the decision,” he said.

However, Phi Kappa Tau can exist at Kent State in the future. The fraternity’s charter was revoked for a minimum of two years.

“There will be a review when the time is right,” Hudson said.

The fraternity house still has its Greek letters displayed on the front of the house. Hudson said the national organization and the university would ask they take them down, but it is up to the housing corporation who owns the house.

Gittons said it is a city issue.

“Although, I’m not sure it’s appropriate,” she said about the letters remaining on the house after the suspension.

Adam Heath, Kent State chapter president of Phi Kappa Tau, declined to comment.

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