Media leaders named for next two semesters

Brittany Senary


Summer DKS Editor: Christina Stavale, sophomore newspaper journalism major

Summer DKS Sales Manager: senior advertising major Shay Strode


TV2 News Director: James Buechle, junior broadcast journalism major

Artemis Editor: Theresa Bruskin, junior newspaper journalism and political science major

Fusion Editor: Adam Griffiths, sophomore information design major

Luna Negra Editor: junior English major Doug Hite

Fall DKS Editor: Tim Magaw, junior newspaper journalism major

Black Squirrel Radio General Manager: Halley Miller, senior information design and fine arts major

TV2 General Manager: Kyle Miller, junior broadcast journalism major

Burr Editor: Sarah Nusinow, senior magazine journalism and French major

DKS Sales Manager: junior advertising major Nate Sargent

As the semester winds down, the student media leaders plan for the summer and fall, and new leaders have been chosen.

Lori Cantor, senior business manager for the Office of Student Media, said students applying for TV2, Black Squirrel Radio, the Burr and the Daily Kent Stater applied for positions by April 7 and their applications were sent to the Journalism and Mass Communication Student Media Board, which made the final decision.

The Student Media Policy Committee made the decisions for the editors of Fusion, Artemis and Luna Negra. Uhuru magazine is still looking for an editor.

If students would like to apply for the position, applications are available in Room 205 Franklin Hall.

Cantor said since these positions ran unopposed, the Student Media Policy Committee voted via e-mail. The committee felt that because the editors of Fusion, Luna Negra and Artemis did an excellent job this semester, they re-instated them.

Max Grubb, assistant professor and alternate member of the JMC Student Media Board, said all of the applicants possessed the skill sets for the positions.

Grubb said the board looks at the applicant’s background, their vision for the future of that student media organization and who would be a better fit for the position.

Nate Sargent, junior advertising major, will again be the Daily Kent Stater sales manager for the Fall semester.

Sargent was one of the students Grubb interviewed for the position.

“The sales manager is critical because they generate the revenue to support the student media,” Grubb said.

Next year Sargent will be working on several projects including bundling multimedia packages that will include advertising space in TV2, and other student media.

“This is an excellent way to get job experience and it is a great way for me to get involved in student media,” Sargent said.

Some positions ran unopposed, but Grubb said the board still needed to interview the person to see if he or she was right for the position.

“If the position is unopposed, we still need to find if the person is good at what they do,” Grubb said. “If they are not, we can always re-open the position and look for other applicants.”

James Buechele, a junior broadcast journalism major, will be the TV2 news director for the Fall semester and hopes TV2 continues to constantly improve.

Buechele wants to start planing for the upcoming election shows now.

“The more you plan ahead, the better the product will be,” Buechele said.

Halley Miller, senior information design and fine arts major, will be the general manager of Black Squirrel Radio in the fall.

Miller plans to help launch a new Web site for BSR that will contain more print commentary.

“It will depend on what kind of staff we have next year,” Miller said. “But I would like to have more writing, commentary and album reviews up on the Web site.”

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