Letter to the editor

New vegan finds on-campus dining options limited

Dear Editor:

Recently, I chose to adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle in addition to being a full-time student here at Kent State University. I have eaten at the Student Center Kent Market frequently in the past and have noticed their signage advertising their select vegan items. As I was enticed by their evening menu on Thursday, I inquired as to whether a specific item on their menu was vegan-friendly. In reply, the woman agreed the food is meant to be vegan-friendly, but also admitted the cook is often inconsistent with certain foods. For example, whether he uses butter or dairy additives in food advertised as vegan-friendly is unknown. Therefore, I left disappointed and hungry, forced once again to find dinner on my own means. Perhaps I’m asking too much, but when I hear from a Dining Services worker that the food is intended to be vegan-friendly, I expect the cook to comply.

Michelle Huffman

Sophomore interior design major