Band performance to support animals

Samantha Tosado

Courtesy The Mickeys

Credit: Ron Soltys

What Celtic band has a blend of ancient tunes and original compositions, comes from Akron, Ohio and has a unique sound all wrapped into one? If you guessed The Mickeys, you are right.

The Mickeys were formed 14 years ago by Anne Alexander and Mickey Hurray.

Although it wasn’t until six years ago that they introduced the other two members to the band, Dave Materna and Bobbi Horvath.

“We have interesting music,” Alexander said.

Alexander plays the penny whistle, flute and does vocals; Hurray plays the guitar, bass, dulcimer and does vocals; Horvath plays the fiddle, banjo and does vocals; and Materna is on drums and vocals. Their music is different from most local bands due to their Celtic sound derived from Irish and Scottish music.

Alexander said that the band has very good chemistry together, which is very rare.

She confessed that The Mickeys’ biggest satisfaction is playing their music out to people and getting it heard.

“We would love to do a tour in the future,” Alexander said.

Two of the members have also done outside work that has had an impact on the sound of their music.

Hurray, who was in the Cleveland punk band 0DFx (aka Zero Defects), and Materna were featured in a film documentary called Cleveland’s Screaming, directed by Brad Warner (former 0DFx frontman), about Cleveland’s punk rock scene in the early 1980s. The punk rock of the early ’80s influences The Mickeys’ music today.

The Mickeys will be performing at The Kent Stage at The St. Pet’s Day event to support the animals.

“We do a lot of benefits for animals,” Alexander said. “We all love our animals.”

Alexander said that there are lots of pets out there that are abandoned and it’s a chance for people to give back.

“It’s a great way to give some pet food and make a difference,” she said.

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