Changes in regional campus structure to make communication more efficient

Nicole Stempak

Regional campus deans will report directly to Provost Robert Frank beginning tomorrow.

Previously, regional campus deans communicated both with Frank and Patricia Book, vice president for regional development.

The change will make communication more efficient because regional campus deans will only have one executive to approve positions and budgets, Book wrote in an e-mail.

This is a reversion to the old model that was in place about four years ago, an organization that is “far more typical nationally,” Book said.

David Mohan, dean of Geauga campus and Twinsburg Academic Center, said he thinks the change will make communication more efficient.

“This gives the regional campus deans a greater access to the provost and to communicate directly with him on those matters that pertain to the regionals and the Kent campus,” he said.

But Wanda Thomas, dean of Trumbull campus, isn’t sure she will see a big change.

“I’m not sure the communication change is that different because we, as regional campuses, have always communicated both with the provost office and the vice president of regional development, Dr. Book,” Thomas said. “I don’t see this as a major difference as before; we would just be communicating with one person instead of two.”

Book has been working with the regional campuses on development for the past four years. A review of the current system first raised questions about the efficiency of her communication role between regional campus deans and the provost.

The changes will not have an impact on students, Book said.

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