Santana compilation perfect for long-term fans

Douglas Hite

Collection displays guitarist’s many ‘dimensions’

Courtesy Sony BMG

Credit: Ron Soltys


Multi-Dimensional Warrior Released by

Legacy Recordings

Stater rating (out of five): ***«

For more than 40 years, Carlos Santana has entranced us with guitar licks and compromised scales that give a voice to his instrument. Six strings become six voices with minds each their own. They speak and convey messages of hope, loss, joy and a vast array of emotions that human languages can not convey. With a “greatest hits” type release, available to the public in the April, listeners can now revel in four decades of Santana with Multi-Dimensional Warrior.

Admittedly, Santana’s fusion of Latin drum beats, wild guitar solos reminiscent of flamenco and tips-of-the-hat to an ever-evolving rock sound may not be for everyone. At times, the many songs on this double album will start to blend together. Santana has a distinct sound, which may not be for all ears.

Often, throughout this compilation, a listener might even be bored. However, ardent Santana fans will likely celebrate this album as the most comprehensive set of recordings in his career.

A newer listener might be surprised that the two or three songs we know Santana for are not on this album. “Oye Como Va,” “Black Magic Woman” and Santana’s defiant smash-hit duet with Rob Thomas — “Smooth” — are nowhere to be found. Instead, this is a very true and accurate depiction of the Latin-American artist’s lengthy career.

Whether the material present on this album is something everyone can listen to and enjoy is questionable. What is not questionable is Santana’s immense talent. Every song is filled to the brim with talented musicians playing incredibly intricate riffs and Carlos Santana’s signature Latin guitar.

For the most passionate Santana fans, Warrior is a must-have. The collection encompasses a menagerie of sounds as an obvious evolution can be heard in Santana’s musical stylings. Those who love Santana are in for a treat with this album.

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