Life after five years of Operation Iraqi Freedom


Credit: DKS Editors

The United States at war

After five years in Iraq and in Afghanistan, the war on terror has no clear end in sight.

‘We need to continue our presence in Iraq to ensure that our gains that have been made thus far can be sustainable.’

Portage County’s fallen

Portraits of six Portage County soldiers killed during the Iraq War.

Corpsman remembered

Marine knew strength of a team

Military-bound from birth

Forever a Ranger

A life

Finding life after death

4,000 dead

A tribute to the casualties of the Iraq War.


Our view

While the war in Iraq alone has killed 4,000 Americans, the fighting there and in Afghanistan has cost the lives of countless men, women and children, displaced families and divided nations.

Just be human

My story

Reporter Amanda Kozma tells the story of losing her stepbrother and her boyfriend’s brother to the war in Iraq.

Greater than 4000