USS plans for transition to new student government

Jenna Staul

Undergraduate Student Senate officially announced the list of new Undergraduate Student Government members yesterday and made further plans to ease the transition from USS to USG.

Patrick Burke, who served as one of the rules election commissioners, was on hand to announce the new USG directors and senators. Only one of the new members announced was in attendance for the meeting.

Katie Hale, current executive director, thanked Burke and the other commissioners for their help with the election, which has been the primary focus of USS for the past several weeks.

“I would like to extend my thanks to Patrick and the rest of the election commission for all their hard work,” Hale said.

USS discussed the process of selecting the new appointed positions on USG. Hale said USG members-elect and current senators will all take part in interviewing candidates. The list of appointed USG senators will be announced after spring break.

The group also unveiled an exit calendar that details the final weeks in office for current USS senators.

“It’s getting a little bit sentimental,” Hale said. “Jonny Bey (current executive director-elect) is getting anxious, which is how I was last year. But we’re getting reminiscent and looking back on what we did over the last year and what relationships were made.”

Applications for the Allocation and Programming committees on USG are available in the USS office on the first floor of the Student Center tomorrow.

– Jenna Staul