Public relations professionals to speak today about internship opportunities

Brittany Senary

Public Relations Student Society of America will hold its spring 2008 Internship Extravaganza at 7:30 p.m. tonight in Room 213 in Franklin Hall.

Anyone interested in learning about internships can attend. Seven professionals will be at the event to talk about how to have a good internship interview, how to get an internship and what to do during an internship.

Olivia Mihalic, vice president of professional relations for PRSSA said the meeting will be several round table discussions where students will have 10 minutes to talk to each professional.

“This is going to give students a broad sense about how to be a good intern and what to do during the internship,” Mihalic said. “This is important because getting an internship is a big part of the college career.”

– Brittany Senary