And the Grammy goes to…

This Sunday is the 50th Grammy Awards ceremony.

Every medium has its award that carries more weight than, and often trumps, all other awards. Television has the Emmy, film the Oscar and theater the Tony. Music has the Grammy, so the all staff got together and decided upon who we think the winners will be and who we think the winners ought to be.

– Allan Lamb, all editor

Best Rock Album

Who should win: Build a Nation — Bad Brains

While Bad Brains was not nominated, this album is one of the best-crafted pieces of music I’ve ever set my hands on. Produced by the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch, it proves that the progenitors of hardcore music are on the top of their game.

Who will win: Revival — John Fogerty

I was a complete skeptic of John Fogerty’s latest post-CCR endeavor. From the first track, I was floored. Also, Fogerty deserves a Grammy more than any other nominee — in any category.

Douglas Hite

Best New Artist

Who should win: Sara Bareilles

When I think best new artist, I can only think of one person, and that person is Sara Bareilles. She has an amazing voice as well as piano skills. She taught herself chords growing up. Her single titled “Love Song” is played everywhere — throughout every radio station and even on commercials. Her writing is bold, honest and edgy. She is extremely talented overall.

Who will win: Taylor Swift

Of course Taylor Swift will probably sweep the title of Best New Artist away. People can’t seem to get enough of her. She’s had three top 10 singles, and she’s a wonderful performer to see in concert. At such a young age, she’s so successful, and I don’t think people are going to get tired of her any time soon. I’ve never even heard of the other two artists, and Amy Winehouse might have a chance, but I’m sticking with Swift.

Samantha Tosado

Album Of The Year

Who should win: Graduation — Kanye West

It’s about time Kanye West is recognized not only for his hit singles, but for his albums as a whole. Unlike many current rappers, West is good for much more than good beats and catchy rhymes, and, on Graduation he comes full circle and puts forth a not-lacking album, which is rare for an artist of any genre anymore.

Who will win: Back to Black — Amy Winehouse

I’m sure this isn’t the only award Amy Winehouse will win this year. Like Norah Jones in 2002, she’s the latest female solo sensation. Besides, with all of the media attention she gets for her eating disorders and arrests, I’m sure CBS, itching for ratings, will want her to walk across the stage as many times as possible (and to see how Kanye West will react when he loses).

Allan Lamb

Best Alternative Music Album

Who Should Win: Neon Bible — Arcade Fire

Because they rock. Listening to Arcade Fire is a near spiritual experience and should be rewarded as such.

Who Will Win: Volta — Bjork

Because she’s Bjork. She’s got the right amount of crazy to be considered alternative but is still looked at as a legitimate musician and a household name.

Katie Young

Best Female Pop Performance

Who should win: “1234” — Feist

Feist’s “1234” is a listening pleasure. If any other song was repeated every commercial break in an iPod advertisement, it would have surely lost its appeal. “1234” is a rare exception. The song has qualities of a perfect pop song: sweetness, catchiness and resonance.

Not only is “1234” worthy because it comes from a great album, produced a great video performance and stuck in listener’s heads without being annoying, but the other nominations in this category are laughable. “1234” will withstand the test of time — something Grammy winners are supposed to do. Can Fergie accomplish this? I think not.

Who will win: “Rehab” — Amy Winehouse

Though Amy Winehouse’s recent personal issues have covered up the success of her music, the fact remains that “Rehab” has captured the ears of everyone this year. It will be impossible for the Grammy’s to overlook this track. Out of all the songs nominated, this is the one that bridged the gap between indie appeal to radio-friendly.

Brenna McNamara