You can still LOL without alcohol

Abby Kruszynski

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

While I commend columnist Jessica Lumpp’s January resolution (“31 days and 30 nights,” Feb. 2) to go an entire month without drinking, the mere thought of the fact that a sophomore in college could not go without drinking for more than a day or two is completely ridiculous. I understand that college is all about having a good time with your friends and meeting new people through various social engagements which usually involve alcohol. But I find it outrageous that she thinks going out and not drinking to be such a horrible fate — specifically by saying “Like that would be any fun — I would immediately be chosen to drive and then just sit around and watch everyone else have a grand old time being drunken fools.” Oh my, imagine the horror! (Who wants to be a fool anyway?)

While I don’t drink due to personal preference, overall, I don’t have an aversion to drinking, and I can go out and have a good (sober) time with my friends (who may or may not be sober), without just “sitting around and just watching everyone else have a grand old time.” In fact, I’m closing in on three straight years of doing just that. Alcohol, as a rule, doesn’t magically make you have a good time; just think back to pre-college (or maybe even pre-high school) when you had genuine fun with your friends, family, etc. without the assistance of alcohol. It is possible, and it is something that people should consider trying more than as a month-long trial. I agree that it is unrealistic for most college-aged adults to completely not drink, but try cutting back, and not just to lose weight. Rediscover what it is like to have fun without being one of the “eight most blacked-out girls in Kent.” It will probably save you a lot of trouble, too. Really, who wants to wake up with glass embedded in their foot and a hangover until 6 p.m. the next day? I don’t care how much fun you had the night before — that just doesn’t seem worth it.

Abby Kruszynski

Junior hospitality management major