Which issues do you care about?

Iraq, health care are top questions for candidates

LISTEN to the questions students have for the 2008 presidential candidates.

Chelsea Wonski

Sophomore political science major

“She (Hillary) hasn’t really given a clear explanation of what Bill’s role would be if she were to become president. I would like to know where he stands because I think he’s going to play more of a role than everyone thinks.”

Paige Williams

Freshman sports administration major

“I would ask him about helping college students with their financial aid and helping more students be eligible for college financially.”

Brandon Boudreaux

Graduate student in English

“I would ask how would he go about supporting the developments in the science field.”

Shane Sewell

Freshman political science major

“What would make them different between everyone else we’ve already had?”

Mike Wiley

Sophomore music education major

“I think the most important question to ask the presidential candidates would be what their policy on the war in Iraq is.”

Emma Sherrie

Junior anthropology major

“I think that this year, there’s not just one,” she said. “I think there’s a lot of different issues. That’s why it’s such a big campaign.”

Andrew Kubera

Sophomore physics major

“What is the biggest difference you want to make?”

Curt Earich

Sophomore political science major

“How, as a college student, will he help me financially?”

Robyn Yeager

Freshman athletic training major

“When are they going to pull our troops out of Iraq and bring them home?”

VIitaliy Plinto

Graduate student in translation

“I would ask him or her what it would be possible to do to lower costs for medical insurance and to increase financial aid for sick and needy people. In other words, those type of people who are on disability, who need help or require financial assistance both from the medical perspective as well as from their materialistic perspective.”

Jonithon Lacross

Senior political science major

“I’m a conservative, so I would ask John McCain how he would reach across the isle to diffuse the current health care situation in America and its future.”

Vivi Sanz

Sophomore criminal justice major

“My question would be to ask how he feels about the illegal immigration situation we have going on and what his plan of action would be.”

Monica Viray

Junior nursing major

“My biggest concern is the war in Iraq, so I would ask if there is a deadline for a withdrawal of troops.”

Hobie Sweet

Sophomore business major

“I would ask a generalized question having to do with the policies regarding the war in Iraq and what the policies are.”

Jeff Vinciquerra

Sophomore justice major

“My candidate would be Hillary Clinton, and I would ask her comprehensive plan for ending the war in Iraq.”

Kevin Kleinsmith

Junior technology education major

“I probably would not go see him because I probably would not have the time.”

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