Students race to fill limited parking spaces

Catrina Cieslik

Swarms of cars circle the parking lots every day. People constantly cut each other off to find the parking space closest to class, while others decide to make their own parking spots are leave the lots congested.

“It’s like hawks waiting to take up a spot,” said Nicole Parker, junior visual communication design major. “People are always parking illegally, especially in the commuter parking lot by Verder.”

There are various parking passes designated for students, staff members and visitors on campus. Rules and restrictions apply to certain parking lots throughout the day that everyone should be aware of.

There is a $15 charge for a first or second parking ticket, a $35 charge each for the third through eighth and a $50 charge each for the ninth ticket and beyond. There is also a $5 late fee for each ticket if it is not paid within seven days.

Although many students are aware of the consequences of committing parking lot violations, some people just do not care.

“I have 10 unpaid parking tickets so far this year, and I have no idea how many tickets I have received in the past two years that I have been here,” said Andrew Lent, a graduate student in media management.

Both students and staff said they think there are problems with the parking that is available.

“They do not have enough parking spaces in the Satterfield parking,” said assistant English professor Masood Raja.

Lent said that there are too many types of permits, and the parking lots are too small. He thinks Kent State’s parking problem could be solved by either building a parking garage or decreasing the amount of permit types.

While some students make the choice to park illegally, others try to avoid the permit lot altogether.

“I pay $6 a day to park in the visitor’s parking lot,” senior English major Nicole Tatarides said. “I pay double the price for convenience, and so I do not have to deal with the commuter parking lots.”

If a parking lot is full, there are always alternate parking areas that can be used. If C lots are filled to capacity, there is parking available at Summit East, and if residence hall parking lots for S-36 are full, there is additional parking available at the Ice Arena.

For more information about alternative parking lots, refer to the parking services Web site at

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