USS announces USG candidates

Jenna Staul

Students may not decide 14 unopposed positions

Undergraduate Student Senate unveiled its list of 32 candidates for the upcoming Undergraduate Student Government, and of the 25 positions, only 11 will likely be decided by voters.

The ballot for the newly reformed governing body will contain eight total uncontested positions, with the senate branch of USG having three unopposed spots and the executive cabinet having five unopposed including the role of executive director. Students have the option of voting for a write-in candidate on the ballots for uncontested positions.


Positions on the USG Ballot Students have the option of voting for a write-in candidate on the ballots for

uncontested positions.

• Executive Director

• Director of Academic Affairs

• Director of Business and Finance

• Director of Governmental Affairs

• Director of Student Advancement

• Senator for the College of the Arts

• Senator for the College of Education,

Health and Human Services

• Senator for the Honors College

USS executive director Katie Hale said, though she would have liked to see more students interested in running for USG, she had realistic expectations for the group’s expansion.

“What can we do?” Hale said of the candidate list. “It’s certainly not our (USS’s) fault. I would have liked to see contention, but with the expansion, we expected that it would be a challenge.”

Hale said she did not know of any instances where a write-in candidate won a position on USS.

“I’ve honestly never heard of that,” Hale said. “They would have to meet all of the eligibility requirements that all of the other candidates had to meet, of course.”

Six positions, including senator for undergraduate studies, senator for residence services and senator for non-traditional students, will be appointed after the election through a formal interviewing process involving both the current and new members of the organization.

Hale said she and other USS members are now trying to find individuals interested in one of the appointed positions. USS has spent much of the last semester attempting to garner student interest in the expanded USG.

Jonathan Bey, current senator for community affairs, has mixed feelings about running unopposed as executive director in the election.

“I mean it is a relief,” Bey said. “But it’s not fair to the students that they don’t have a say.”

Bey said if he does go on to become executive director, he is not concerned that 14 of the 25 members will possibly not have been elected to their positions.

“I’ve looked at the list, and they are all qualified,” Bey said. “I’m sure they will serve to the best of their abilities.”

Hale said lack of student participation is to blame for the likely 14 USG members who will begin their terms on April 8 without winning an election.

“It’s unfortunate not for me,” Hale said. “It’s unfortunate for the students that a person got a seat without being elected.”

USG elections will take place March 10 and 11.

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